Happy World Nutella Day!

Nutella and Ranveer Singh

Guess what day it is? It’s World Nutella Day today, so if you love Nutella (and really, who doesn’t?), here is your chance to celebrate!

Come on in, fans of Nutella who is a leading chocolate spread brand, for we have a story as lovely and sweet as that first spoonful of Nutella on warm bread.

Back in 2007, Sara Rosso, an American blogger and a certified Nutella addict (just like you and me), had an epiphany. Nutella deserved more than just casual admiration; it deserved a worldwide celebration!

Thus, World Nutella Day was born, and every Nutella fanatic unanimously agreed – it was about time!

The celebration kicked off in style. Admirers of Nutella from all over the world started discussing delectable recipes, thoughts, and photographs on social media. What began as a modest celebration quickly grew into an international event. One delectable spread at a time, drew people together.

There’s more to this delicious story, though!

The torch was handed over to Ferrero, the creative team behind our beloved hazelnut spread, in 2015 by Sara.

The notion? is to allow to grow and change throughout the next years. We’ve been celebrating ever since, enjoying the love that Sara sparked.

Now, in 2024, the festivities are doubly delicious. Nutella is turning 60, and who better to join the celebration than the charming Ranveer Singh?

He’s here to add an extra dollop of joy to our packed day. With a mischievous grin, he asks, “Kya aapki morning bhi thi nutellicious? Kya aapne spread kiye smiles? Agar nahi toh let’s do it!” Ranveer wishes everyone a very Happy World Nutella Day, and the love for it is trending on Twitter!

So, whether you’re spreading Nutella on toast, stirring it into your coffee, or just devouring it by the spoonful (no judgments here!), let’s join the celebration.

Happy 60th, and a very nutellicious World Nutella Day to all!

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