Etihad Airways Teams Up with Chennai Super Kings as Official Sponsor

Etihad airways

In a groundbreaking move, Etihad Airways has cemented its presence in the cricket world by partnering with the iconic Chennai Super Kings (CSK) as their official sponsor.

This strategic collaboration encompasses various CSK events and platforms, prominently featuring the distinctive Etihad logo on the players’ jerseys.

Strategic Partnership:

Etihad Airways’ sponsorship of CSK, a five-time champion of the Indian Premier League (IPL), marks a significant milestone for both entities.

This move follows Etihad’s recent signing of Bollywood star Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador.

Commitment to India:

Arik De, Chief Revenue Officer of Etihad Airways, emphasizes the carrier’s longstanding commitment to the Indian market.

With two decades of operations in India, Etihad has invested in providing exceptional service. It includes state-of-the-art aircraft and tailored culinary offerings.

Enhanced Fan Experience:

The partnership with CSK underscores Etihad’s dedication to connecting with Indian consumers.

By aligning with the widely popular CSK brand, Etihad aims to enhance the fan experience and strengthen its position in the Indian sports and entertainment landscape.

Global Reach:

Etihad Airways and Chennai Super Kings are set to embark on an exciting journey together, uniting fans worldwide in the spirit of camaraderie and sporting excellence.

As the official sponsor of CSK, Etihad looks forward to engaging with fans across the globe.

Etihad Airways’ collaboration with Chennai Super Kings as their official sponsor signifies a significant step in both brands’ endeavors.

With a focus on enhancing the fan experience and strengthening connections with Indian consumers,

this partnership promises an exciting journey ahead for cricket enthusiasts and aviation aficionados alike.


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