Vantara: Anant Ambani’s Visionary Wildlife Preservation Project

Anant Ambani, the younger son of Mukesh Ambani, has launched Vantara, a groundbreaking wildlife preservation project set to become the world’s largest zoo and rehabilitation center. Spanning 3,000 acres within Reliance’s Jamnagar Refinery Complex, Vantara aims to provide a sanctuary for abused, injured, and endangered animals.

Let’s delve deeper into this ambitious initiative and its impact on wildlife conservation.

 Vantara: A Haven for Wildlife


Named ‘Vantara,’ meaning ‘Star Of The Forest,’ this project is Anant Ambani’s brainchild, supported by Reliance Industries and Reliance Foundation. It is not just a zoo but a comprehensive rehabilitation center designed to recreate natural habitats for rescued animals.

Extensive Facilities and Partnerships

Vantara boasts state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, research centers, and academic institutions. Partnering with prestigious organizations like IUCN and WWF, it aims to engage in global wildlife conservation efforts, making it a pivotal player in the field.

 Successful Rescues and Collaborations

Since its inception, Vantara has rescued over 200 elephants and various other endangered species. Collaborations with international rescue centers have expanded its reach, showcasing its commitment to global biodiversity conservation.

 Advanced Medical Care for Elephants

The Elephant Rescue Centre within Vantara offers advanced medical facilities, including hydrotherapy pools and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, to ensure the well-being of rescued elephants. The center’s dedicated staff provides personalized care, including multani-mitti massages.


Comprehensive Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

With a staff of 2,100, Vantara’s Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre offers sanctuary to over 2,000 animals across 43 species. Advanced medical facilities, including ICU and MRI, ensure comprehensive care for rescued animals.

 Anant Ambani’s Vision and Commitment

Anant Ambani’s passion for wildlife conservation aligns with his commitment to sustainable energy. Through projects like Vantara and Reliance’s renewable energy initiatives, he demonstrates a holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

Rooted in Philosophy, Inspired by Vision

Vantara’s mission of ‘jeev seva,’ inspired by Swami Vivekananda, reflects its dedication to protecting endangered species and restoring vital habitats. It stands as a testament to Anant Ambani’s vision for global biodiversity preservation.

Vantara represents a monumental leap in wildlife conservation, driven by Anant Ambani’s vision and commitment. As it continues to unfold, Vantara stands poised to be a transformative force in global initiatives for biodiversity preservation.

With its extensive facilities, partnerships, and visionary leadership, Vantara offers hope for the coexistence of humans and animals and sets a precedent for future conservation efforts worldwide.

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