Deepinder Goyal Takes a ‘No-Nonsense’ Approach on Shark Tank India S3

In the latest season of Shark Tank India, Deepinder Goyal, the founder and CEO of Zomato, has become a standout judge. He known for his no-nonsense feedback and distinctive approach. His critiques have sparked may discussions.

It has drawn intriguing comparisons, particularly to former judge Ashneer Grover, leading some fans to affectionately label Deepinder Goyal as a “soft Ashneer Grover” or “Ashneer Grover lite.”

One memorable segment of the show that has garnered attention features Goyal’s meticulous critique of the fitness start-up, WTF. He delved into the team’s business pitch, questioning their attention to detail. Later highlighting a mistake in the phone number along with grammatical errors in their presentation.

Goyal’s emphasis on precision goes beyond the typical business feedback, extending to the importance of meticulousness in professional settings, such as job applications. His straightforward approach on the show has resonated with viewers, prompting admiration for his insights on social media platforms.

During the critique, Goyal expressed, “You don’t love your brand enough? Show some love and respect to your customers. A CV gets rejected in two seconds if there is a typo. Why should you get more than two seconds (to make a mark)? You are on national TV. Check if it’s correct or not. Check it for yourself, not for me and for your customers, businesses, and partners. You’re actually letting them down. Is that cool?”

Watch the full episode on sonyliv

Deepinder Goyal’s role on Shark Tank is undeniably leaving a lasting impression. He have ignited discussions among fans as well. Stay tuned as the ‘soft Ashneer Grover’ continues to make waves in the tank!

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