Bobby Deol Roars Back in Business

Bobby Deol, the charismatic Bollywood actor, is making waves in the industry once again, thanks to the phenomenal success of his recent blockbuster movie, ‘Animal.’ Riding high on this success, Bobby Deol has not only captured the hearts of moviegoers but has also found himself back in the limelight as a sought-after celebrity endorser. One such brand that has secured the privilege of being associated with the star is Nilkamal Mattress.

In a recent ad campaign for Nilkamal Mattress, Bobby Deol takes center stage to promote the brand’s revolutionary product – the Nilkamal Ka Couple Pro Mattress. This mattress boasts cutting-edge Zero Motion Transfer technology, ensuring an uninterrupted and peaceful sleep for couples.

Bobby Deol’s endorsement for Nilkamal Mattress highlights the key feature of the Nilkamal Ka Couple Pro Mattress. Its ability to eliminate disturbances caused by movement. In the ad, Bobby Deol passionately states, “Ab jo bhi chahe karo bina apne partner ko thoda bhi disturb kiye.” (Now, do whatever you want without disturbing your partner even a bit). This catchy slogan perfectly captures the essence of the mattress, promising an undisturbed and comfortable sleep experience for couples.

The Nilkamal Sleep brand has carefully crafted its products with the user in mind. And Bobby Deol’s endorsement adds a touch of star power to the campaign. The slogan, “Thoughtfully designed for you,” reinforces the brand’s commitment to providing thoughtful solutions for a restful and rejuvenating sleep.

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