Akshay Kumar Rewards ISPL Golden Ticket Holders with Exclusive Benefits

ISPL t10

Join hands with mega-star Akshay Kumar as he celebrates the unwavering commitment and passion of ISPL Golden Ticket Holders.

Discover the exclusive benefits and rewards awaiting these dedicated fans for their invaluable support.

Recognizing Dedication:

ISPL t10, in collaboration with Akshay Kumar, honors the dedication and love for cricket exhibited by its Golden Ticket Holders.

These fans, who have shown unwavering support for the league, are set to receive special tokens of appreciation from the mega-star himself.

Exclusive Rewards:

As a gesture of gratitude, Akshay Kumar is providing all Golden Ticket Holders with an exclusive family card. This card grants complimentary access to ispl t10 Season 1 matches, allowing fans to experience the thrill of live cricket action in the stadium.

Continuation of Benefits:

The generosity doesn’t end there. Golden Ticket Holders can also reap the benefits of their family card during ISPL Season 2. By presenting their ISPL family card, fans can once again enjoy complimentary entry to matches, ensuring uninterrupted access to their favorite sport.

Akshay Kumar’s Appreciation:

Akshay Kumar, along with the team owners and ISPL management, expresses heartfelt appreciation to the Golden Ticket Holders for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. Their commitment to the game fuels the spirit of ISPL and contributes to its success.

Strengthening Fan Engagement:

By rewarding Golden Ticket Holder’s with exclusive benefits, ISPL and Akshay Kumar aim to strengthen fan engagement and loyalty. These initiatives not only recognize the dedication of existing fans but also attract new audiences to the league.

Building Community Spirit:

The provision of family cards fosters a sense of community among ISPL fans, creating a bond that transcends geographical boundaries. As fans come together to support their favorite teams, they contribute to the vibrant spirit of cricket and sportsmanship.

Embracing the ISPL Experience:

ISPL Season 1 was just the beginning of an exhilarating journey, and Season 2 promises even more excitement and thrills. With the support of Golden Ticket Holders and the endorsement of Akshay Kumar,  continues to elevate the cricketing experience for fans across the country.

Join Akshay Kumar and ISPL in celebrating the unwavering dedication and passion of Golden Ticket Holders. With exclusive benefits and rewards, these fans are recognized for their invaluable contribution to the league’s success.

As ISPL Season 2 unfolds, the spirit of cricket reaches new heights, fueled by the enthusiasm of its dedicated supporters.


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