Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan Ignite Romance in ITC Engage’s Latest TVC


In the latest television commercial from ITC Engage, Bollywood stars Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan bring to life a captivating tale of romance and allure.

The new TVC, masterfully conceptualized by Ogilvy, showcases the transformative power of ITC Engage Eau De Parfums, proving that a simple scent can indeed ignite deep passion and connection.

A Journey Through Elegance and Sophistication

Captivating Storytelling:

The commercial takes viewers on an enchanting journey where time slows down, and everyday monotony fades away.

As Tara and Kartik navigate through their day, a spritz of ITC Engage’s fragrance opens up a world of intimate moments and heartfelt connections, beautifully captured in this cinematic piece.

Essence of Fragrance:

At the heart of the TVC is the theme that fragrance has the power to ignite passion. This concept comes to life as Tara and Kartik experience moments of closeness and sensuality, triggered by Engage Eau De Parfums.

effectively conveying the message that Engage fragrances are more than scents—they are an invitation to romance.

Fragrances That Transcend the Ordinary

Exquisite Creations:

Crafters designed each fragrance in the ITC Engage Eau De Parfum range to complement various occasions and moods. They crafted Engage Amber Hues with warm, alluring tones and infused Engage Verona with fresh, citrusy notes. These fragrances transport the wearer to a realm filled with elegance, spontaneity, and passion.

Diverse Appeal:

Whether preparing for a romantic evening, a formal event, or a casual day out, there is an Engage fragrance to enhance the experience.  they are sophisticated accessories that complete any outfit and set the mood for any occasion.

Why Choose ITC Engage Eau De Parfums?

Opting for ITC Engage Eau De Parfums means choosing fragrances that elevate personal style and evoke emotions.

Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan’s portrayal of a romantic duo beautifully illustrates how the right fragrance can make all the difference, enhancing one’s presence and appeal.

Engage with Romance

Join Tara Sutaria and Kartik Aryan in embracing the world of romance that ITC Engage offers. Let these fragrances be your guide to creating unforgettable moments and connections.

With ITC Engage, every scent is an opportunity to spark romance and passion in your life.

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