Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer Dare to Flaunt with OPPO India

“Introducing the All-New OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G: Dare to Flaunt with Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer!”

In a paid partnership with OPPO India, Shraddha Kapoor proudly presents the groundbreaking OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G, the first IP69-rated phone in India. This revolutionary device is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, staying brand new even after every wash.

Now, Shraddha passes the baton to cricketer Shreyas Iyer, challenging him to #DareToFlaunt this innovative smartphone.

Unmatched Durability and Style

India’s First IP69-Rated Phone:

“A phone that stays brand new after every wash?” Shraddha Kapoor teases, highlighting the exceptional durability of the OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G.

With its IP69 rating, this phone is resistant to dust, water, and even high-pressure washes, ensuring it remains pristine no matter the circumstances.

Stylish and Robust:

The OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G not only emphasizes durability but also showcases a stylish design.

“Dare to Flaunt” is more than a hashtag—it’s an invitation to show off this stunning device with confidence.

Shreyas Iyer Takes the Challenge

Join the Movement:

Shraddha Kapoor challenges Shreyas Iyer, saying, “shreyasiyer96 it’s your turn to #DareToFlaunt the all-new OPPO F27 Pro’s+ 5G.” Shreyas, known for his fearless attitude on the cricket field, is the perfect person to showcase the toughness and elegance of this remarkable phone.

From the Field to Everyday Life:

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just someone who lives an active lifestyle, the OPPO F27 Pro’s+ 5G is designed to keep up with you. Its robust features ensure it can handle the demands of any environment, from the cricket pitch to the urban jungle.

Discover the OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G

Advanced Technology:

The OPPO F27 Pro’s+ 5G packs cutting-edge features, including a powerful processor, superior camera capabilities, and seamless 5G connectivity. It provides an exceptional user experience, combining performance and style in one sleek package.

Ready for Anything:

With its IP69 rating, this phone is ready for anything life throws at it.

Whether you’re caught in the rain, taking it to the beach, or accidentally dropping it in water, the OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G remains unscathed and ready to perform at its best.

Join Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer

Dare to Flaunt:

Take the challenge and join Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer in flaunting the OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G. Show off its sleek design and unrivaled durability, and experience the confidence that comes with owning a phone that can handle it all.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own India’s first IP69-rated phone. Visit the nearest store or shop online to get your hands on the OPPO F27 Pro+ 5G today. Dare to flaunt, and let your phone reflect your fearless style.

Embrace Innovation:

Experience the future of smartphones with the OPPO F27 Pro’s+ 5G. Join the movement, and see why Shraddha Kapoor and Shreyas Iyer trust OPPO to keep them connected and stylish, no matter what

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