Nayanthara’s Slice Appointment Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Fans

Slice, a household name synonymous with mango indulgence, has recently announced acclaimed actress Nayanthara as its brand ambassador. While the news has stirred excitement among some fans, others have expressed disappointment over what they perceive as subpar photoshop work in Nayanthara’s latest soft drink ad.

Let’s delve into the details of this latest brand collaboration and the reactions it has sparked.


 Nayanthara’s Appointment as Brand Ambassador:

Slice’s decision to appoint Nayanthara as its brand ambassador aims to capitalize on her widespread popularity and the brand’s legacy as the ultimate mango thirst-quencher. The company aims to infuse more fun and excitement into the upcoming summer season with this new association.

Fans Express Mixed Reactions:

While some fans have welcomed Nayanthara’s association with Slice, others have raised concerns about the photoshop work in her latest soft drink ad. The subpar editing has left many fans disappointed, as they expected better quality from a brand like Slice.

 Nayanthara’s Excitement About the Collaboration:

Expressing her enthusiasm about joining the Slice family, Nayanthara has expressed her eagerness to contribute to the brand’s legacy. She looks forward to participating in the brand’s upcoming projects and hopes to immerse her fans in the delightful world of Slice through captivating storytelling.

 Slice’s Perspective on the Collaboration:

Anuj Goyal, Associate Director of Slice and Tropicana at PepsiCo India, has highlighted Nayanthara’s wide appeal and mass connect as key factors in the brand’s decision.

The company hopes that Nayanthara’s association will strengthen the brand’s bond with its core consumers and continue to entertain families in an endearing manner.

 Reaction from Frameworks Entertainment:

Frameworks Entertainment, the agency facilitating Nayanthara’s association with Slice, has played a crucial role in bringing this collaboration to fruition.

Their efforts aim to leverage Nayanthara’s star power to enhance Slice’s brand visibility and appeal.

While Nayanthara’s appointment as Slice’s brand ambassador has generated excitement and anticipation for upcoming campaigns, the photoshop controversy surrounding her latest soft drink ad has dampened the spirits of some fans.

As Slice and Nayanthara gear up to unveil their new projects, it remains to be seen how the brand addresses the concerns raised by fans and delivers on its promise of adding more fun and excitement.

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