IPL TV Coverage Drives Remarkable Growth in Brand Footfalls, Searches, and App Usage: Experts

The influence of television coverage of the IPL extends far beyond just viewership numbers, offering a multitude of benefits for brands aiming to expand their reach and impact.Here’s a closer look at the insights shared by industry experts on the significant role of IPL on TV in driving brand growth:

Massive Viewership Impact

With over 800 million viewers tuning in to live sports on television in 2023, cricket, particularly through events like IPL 2023 and Cricket World Cup 2023, has emerged as a powerhouse in attracting audiences.

The reach of live sports on TV presents brands with unparalleled opportunities to connect with a vast and diverse audience base.

Diverse Business Objectives

IPL on TV serves as a versatile platform for brands, catering to a wide range of business goals beyond just brand awareness. Rathi Gangappa highlights how IPL advertising contributes to increasing footfall, boosting search shares, and driving app downloads and installs.

These tangible outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of TV advertising, especially for new-age brands seeking rapid growth.

Enhanced Digital Performance:

While TV advertising plays a significant role in driving business KPIs, it also complements digital marketing efforts. Vikas Saxena emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between TV and digital advertising. He said with TV expenditure periods leading to higher click-through rates in digital campaigns.

The combined impact of TV and digital advertising creates a synergistic effect, amplifying brand visibility and engagement.

Measurable Results

Contrary to previous perceptions, TV advertising is now highly measurable, akin to digital channels. The correlation between TV exposure and subsequent online search behavior highlights the direct impact of TV campaigns on consumer actions.

Vikas Saxena emphasizes the importance of tracking metrics like search share, which serve as reliable indicators of brand market share growth.

Innovative Brand Solutions

IPL on TV offers brands a diverse array of innovative and customizable solutions to stand out amidst the clutter. Rathi Gangappa emphasizes the importance of leveraging contextual opportunities, such as integrating brand messaging during key moments in the game.

Creative initiatives like AR/VR innovations and customized brand integrations enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Affordable Advertising Opportunity

TV advertising, particularly during cricket events like IPL, offers brands a cost-effective way to achieve key KPIs. Vikas Saxena highlights the affordability of TV advertising compared to digital channels, making it an attractive option for brands aiming to expedite their growth journey.

The significant returns on investment witnessed by new-age companies further underscore the value of IPL TV associations.

the partnership between IPL and TV provides brands with an unparalleled platform to amplify their presence, drive consumer engagement, and achieve business objectives.

With innovative strategies, measurable outcomes, and a vast viewership base, IPL on TV continues to be a catalyst for brand growth and success in the dynamic Indian market.


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