Experience ‘Trends with Benefits’ with Jacqueline Fernandez and Zakir Khan: The Roadster Life Co’s New Brand Campaign

The Roadster Life Co, known for its trendy yet comfortable fashion offerings, has recently launched its exciting new brand campaign titled ‘Trends with Benefits’.

This campaign features two dynamic personalities as its brand ambassadors – the ever-charming Jacqueline Fernandez and the witty stand-up comedian Zakir Khan.

A 360-Degree Approach to Fashion

The ‘Trends with Benefits’ campaign by The Roadster Life Co isn’t just about showcasing stylish clothing.

the campaign will be visible on various platforms, including OOH (Out of Home) and social media, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

Jacqueline Fernandez: Embracing Style and Comfort

Jacqueline Fernandez, the Bollywood diva known for her impeccable style and grace, expresses her excitement about being associated with The Roadster Life Co.

With a personal preference for fashion that is both stylish and comfortable The Roadster Life Co’s offerings to be a perfect match for her fashion taste.

Zakir Khan: Finding Comfort in Style

For Zakir Khan, the collaboration with The Roadster Life Co’s holds special significance. It’s not just about endorsing a brand.

Zakir appreciates the blend of trendiness, comfort, and quality that The Roadster Life offers.

He sees a reflection of his story in every piece of clothing from the brand, making this association truly remarkable.

Join the Fashion Revolution

With Jacqueline Fernandez and Zakir Khan leading the way, The Roadster Life  invites you to join the fashion revolution. Experience ‘Trends with Benefits’ as you explore the brand’s diverse collection of trendy yet comfortable fashion essentials.

From stylish tops and jeans to cozy hoodies and jackets, starting from just ₹299 on Myntra.

 Embrace Fashion with Comfort

With the ‘Trends with Benefits’ campaign, The Roadster Life redefines fashion by emphasizing comfort without compromising on style.

Jacqueline Fernandez and Zakir Khan bring their own unique perspectives to the table, making this collaboration truly exciting and relatable. So why settle for anything less?

Experience the best of fashion with comfort, only at The Roadster Life Co.


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