Ananya Panday Endorses Lakmé: Discover the New Vit C Superglow Range


Ananya Panday, the dazzling Bollywood actress known for her youthful charm and flawless skin, is now the face of Lakmé’s latest innovation: the Vit C Superglow Makeup + Skincare range.

This exciting endorsement brings together the best of makeup and skincare, promising a radiant, flawless complexion. Ananya’s enthusiastic endorsement highlights the range’s unique benefits and effectiveness, making it a must-have for beauty enthusiasts.

Crushing Over the New Vit C Superglow Range

Ananya Panday can’t stop raving about the new Lakmé Vit C Superglow range. “Currently crushing over this new Lakmé Vit C Superglow Makeup + Skincare range that covers, corrects, and cares for my skin,” she says, capturing the essence of what makes this range special.

this range offers comprehensive care that not only enhances but also nourishes the skin.


The Powerhouse Ingredient: Vitamin C

Central to the Lakmé Vit C Superglow range is the skincare powerhouse, Vitamin C. Known for its brightening properties, Vitamin C works wonders in reducing dark spots and evening out skin tone.

Ananya Panday emphasizes the consistent use of this range for noticeable results over time. “Featuring the skincare powerhouse, Vitamin C, it brightens dark spots and evens out skin tone with consistent use over time,” encouraging users to make it a part of their daily routine.

Achieve a Natural Glow with Vit C Superglow Skin Tint

One of the standout products in this range is the 3% Vit C Superglow Skin Tint. Ananya loves how it provides a natural glow and radiant matte finish, making it perfect for any occasion, day or night.

“With the goodness of skin-loving ingredients, the 3% Vit C Superglow Skin Tint is perfect for achieving this natural glow and radiant matte finish, whether it’s day or night,” she shares. This product is designed to be lightweight yet effective, offering coverage that feels like a second skin.

Skin-Loving Ingredients for Comprehensive Care

The Lakmé Vit C Superglow range is formulated with skin-loving ingredients that provide comprehensive care. These products are not just about enhancing your appearance; they also focus on the health and well-being of your skin.

Ananya Panday’s endorsement highlights the dual benefits of this range: makeup that acts as skincare. This innovative approach ensures that your skin remains healthy, nourished, and glowing.

Why Ananya Panday Loves Lakmé Vit C Superglow

Lakmé Vit C Superglow range is more than just a promotional campaign; it’s a genuine recommendation. She loves how these products seamlessly integrate into her beauty routine, offering both instant and long-term benefits. Her glowing skin serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the range, making it a trusted choice for her fans and followers.

Ananya Panday’s endorsement of Lakmé’s Vit C Superglow Makeup + Skincare range brings a fresh, youthful energy to the brand. This range, featuring the powerhouse ingredient Vitamin C, promises to cover, correct, and care for your skin, providing a natural glow and even skin tone with consistent use.

The 3% Vit C Superglow Skin Tint, in particular, stands out for its ability to deliver a radiant matte finish suitable for any time of day.

Experience the magic of Lakmé Vit C Superglow and achieve the flawless, glowing skin you’ve always desired. With Ananya Panday’s trusted endorsement, you can be confident in the quality and effectiveness of this innovative range. Embrace the power of Vitamin C and let your natural beauty shine through with Lakmé.

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