Alia Bhatt Invites You to Edamama’s First Ever Lit Fest at Jio World Drive


“Join Alia Bhatt at Edamama Storyverse Lit Fest at Jio World Drive!”

Get ready for an epic adventure as Alia Bhatt invites you to Edamama  first-ever Lit Fest, Storyverse, happening on June 15th and 16th at Jio World Drive. This exciting event promises a blend of fun, food, games, and a chance to meet Alia herself.

Dive into the Storyverse with Edamama and Alia Bhatt

An Unforgettable Literary Adventure: “Book your tickets now, link in bio! Edamama’s first-ever Lit Fest, Storyverse, on June 15th and 16th at Jio World Drive. It is going to be pretty epic and adventurous,” says Alia Bhatt, encouraging everyone to join in the celebration of stories and creativity.

Exciting Activities for All Ages: The Storyverse Lit Fest offers a variety of activities for everyone.

From interactive storytelling sessions to engaging games and delicious food, there’s something for all ages. “There is going to be food, games, and me,” adds Alia, promising fun interactions and lots of exciting moments.

Highlights of the Storyverse Lit Fest

Meet Alia Bhatt: One of the major highlights of the event is the chance to meet Alia Bhatt in person. Enjoy fun interactions and capture memorable moments with the beloved actress and founder of Edamama.

Food and Games: Indulge in a variety of delicious food options and participate in fun games designed to entertain and delight. The Lit Fest ensures a day full of enjoyment and excitement for everyone.

Books Galore: For all the book lovers, the Storyverse Lit Fest is a paradise. Explore a vast collection of books, discover new stories, and immerse yourself in the world of literature. “Lots and lots of books” await you at the event.

Get Your Tickets Now

Easy Booking on BookMyShow: “Get your tickets on BookMyShow,” says Alia, making it easy for you to secure your spot at this incredible event. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of Edamama’s Storyverse Lit Fest.

Join the Fun at Jio World Drive

A Festival for Everyone: Whether you’re a book lover, a foodie, or just looking for a fun day out, Edamama’s Storyverse Lit Fest at Jio World Drive has something for you. Join Alia Bhatt and celebrate the magic of stories in a vibrant and exciting environment.

Don’t Miss Out: Book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable experience. The Storyverse Lit Fest is set to be a spectacular event filled with adventure, entertainment, and endless fun.

See You There: Alia Bhatt and Edamama can’t wait to welcome you to the Storyverse Lit Fest. Come join the fun, explore the world of stories, and create wonderful memories at Jio World Drive.

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