Akshay Kumar Joins Forces with Kapila Pashu Aahar: A Step Towards Quality Cattle Nutrition

In a significant move towards promoting quality cattle nutrition, Akshay Kumar has proudly associated himself with Kapila Pashu Aahar. As a staunch advocate for providing the right information and feed for cattle, Akshay Kumar‘s endorsement of underscores its commitment to excellence and animal welfare.

Here’s why Kapila Pashu Aahar stands out as the number one choice for cattle feed:

Quality Ingredients:

Kapila Pashu Aahar is formulated with the finest quality ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for cattle. With 20% crude protein, 2.5% fat, 70% total digestive elements, and essential minerals, salts, and vitamins,  provides a balanced diet that promotes overall health and well-being in cattle.

Nutritional Balance:

Cattle require a balanced diet to support their growth, milk production, and overall vitality. is carefully crafted to meet the nutritional needs of cattle, with the ideal balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Whether it’s for dairy breeds yielding 5-10 liters of milk daily or other cattle, Kapila Pashu Aahar ensures optimum health and productivity.

Versatile Options:

Kapila Pashu Aahar offers both pallet and mash variants to cater to the diverse preferences and requirements of cattle owners. Whether you prefer the convenience of pallet feed or the versatility of mash feed, provides options that suit your feeding regimen and management practices.

Trusted Brand:

With Akshay Kumar’s endorsement, solidifies its position as a trusted brand in the cattle feed industry. Akshay Kumar’s association with Kapila Pashu Aahar reflects his confidence in the brand’s quality, reliability, and commitment to animal nutrition.

Cattle owners can rest assured knowing that they are providing their animals with the best possible feed.

Commitment to Animal Welfare:

Kapila Pashu Aahar’s partnership with Akshay Kumar signifies its dedication to animal welfare and responsible farming practices.

By prioritizing the health and nutrition of cattle, contributes to the well-being of livestock and the sustainability of the agriculture sector.

Akshay Kumar’s endorsement of highlights the brand’s dedication to providing quality feed for cattle.

With its emphasis on nutritional balance, versatility, and animal welfare,  emerges as the top choice for cattle owners looking to optimize the health and productivity of their animals.Join Akshay Kumar and choose for superior cattle nutrition and care.


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